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Digital Access Fund

The Digital Access Fund provides students in need with items including earbuds/headphones, laptop cases, chargers, online textbooks, desks, chairs, printers, and printer ink/paper.
After moving online due to COVID-19, our local schools provided laptops for students who need them, but many schools don’t provide these accessories, which can be essential to students’ virtual learning experiences in homes with distractions and unpredictable circumstances.


Our resource guide lists materials and services that are offered by your school and other local organizations. Please read our resource guide before filling out our request form.


Fill out our request form (liked below) if you need technology accessories and/or other school supplies for online learning.


We are now fiscally sponsored, and monetary donations are tax-deductible! We are also still accepting donations of new and used materials. 

We are no longer accepting donations through Venmo.


If you would like to arrange pick-up of material donations, or if you have any other questions, please contact us!

Instagram: @dcteensaction


Organizing Donated Materials


DAF Fundraiser Sale


Packed Computer Cases

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